Unsafe Conduct Page

This page was established to encourage safe conduct among storm chasers, storm spotters and others who intercept and monitor severe weather in the field.  Video or photographs that clearly identify unsafe conduct will be posted here.  To submit a video clip or photograph for consideration, please provide the following information:

  • A video clip or photograph that clearly identifies unsafe conduct in the field.

  • Description, date, time and location of the incident.

  • Your name and e-mail address.

You must have authorization to submit any copyrighted material. The description, date, time and location of incident, and your name and e-mail address will be posted with the image. No individual or organizational names will be posted in association with images other than the name of the person making the submission. TESSA is providing this forum to highlight unsafe conduct and is not making any specific claim or opinion. Images that are posted on this page must speak for themselves.