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2017 Hurricane Relief

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria impacted Texas, Florida and the Caribbean. These storms are among the most devastating on record. Harvey alone caused an estimated 200 billion dollars in damage, making it the costliest natural disaster in US history. Given the catastrophic extent of the damage, we expect a recovery period lasting several years in some areas.

If you would like to help those affected by these storms, please consider making a donation of time or funds to one of these organizations.

Region Wide

Habitat for Humanity Hurricane Recovery
Salvation Army
The United Way
Unicef USA
Save the Children
American Red Cross


Harvey was a two act storm. It first made landfall near Rockport, Texas with powerful winds. Once inland, it produced catastrophic flooding caused by a record 50" of rain across southeast Texas.

The United Way of Houston
Houston Flood Relief Fund (Organizer: JJ Watt)
Go Fund Me Harvey

Aransas County United Way (Rockport, Texas area)
The United Way of the Coastal Bend (Southeast Texas)
The United Way of Brazoria County (Texas)

American Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast


The most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, Irma produced tornado-like winds devastating parts of the Caribbean and Florida.

The United Way of Miami Dade
Go Fund Me Irma

American Red Cross South Florida
The United Way of Collier County (Southwest Florida)


Small but intense, Maria tracked directly over Puerto Rico and USVI, severely impacting local infrastructure.

The United Way Puerto Rico
The United Way of US Virgin Islands
Go Fund Me Maria
Cruz Roja Americana Puerto Rico

If you would like to suggest an organization for our 2017 hurricane relief page, please drop us a line at www.tessa.org. Thank you.